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THHP Episode 016: What Is A Nurse Practitioner? w/ Dr. Ann Sheehan, DNP, CPNP

In Episode 016 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview Nurse Practitioner and President of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Ann Sheehan, DNP, CPNP. Today, we discuss exactly, what is a Nurse Practitioner? What the Nurse Practitioner is trained to do, we dive into the specific degree requirements of the Nurse Practitioner and the clinical hours that are required for their education, differences between a Physician and a Nurse Practitioner, how Nurse Practitioners are able to provide safe and cost effective healthcare, common myths about Nurse Practitioners that Dr. Sheehan has encountered in her practice, the restrictions that are placed on Nurse Practitioners in the states of Michigan and how this is not the same for other states, in the United States and how as a listener, you can get involved politically to have an influence on how healthcare is delivered, along with much more!

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THHP Episode 015: The Knee w/ Dr. Brian Hatten, M.D.

In Episode 015 of The Household Health Podcast I interview board certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Hatten. We discuss the structure and function of the knee, what are common causes of knee pain for all ages, strategies for preventing trauma to the knee, symptoms that would indicate injury to the knee, multiple treatments for injuries to the knee including: physical therapy, medications, injections to the knee and knee replacement surgery. What patients can expect both short and long term with these treatments and much more!

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THHP Episode 014: The Emergency Department VS Urgent Care VS Primary Care, where do I go? w/ Dr. Archana Reddy, MD, MS, FACEP

In Episode 014 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview Dr. Archana Reddy, a practicing Emergency Physician with over 10 years of experience, about accessing the health care system through the Emergency Department. We discuss the role of the Emergency Department, what patients can expect when going to the Emergency Department, what are signs that you should go to the Emergency Department, the role that an Urgent Care plays in accessing the healthcare system, the difference between the services provided in the Emergency Department VS the Urgent Care, the importance of having a Primary Care Provider and what role they play when you visit the Emergency Department, myths about the Emergency Department and much more!

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THHP Episode 013: Pediatric Allergies w/ Dr. David Stukus, MD

In Episode 013 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview Dr. David Stukus, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Section of Allergy and Immunology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio. We discuss what an allergy is, what the symptoms of allergies consist of, what the difference is between a mild and life threatening allergic reaction, the safety of the life saving medication called epinephrine, how to properly store an epinephrine auto injector, when it is appropriate to use epinephrine and when you could seek prompt medical attention or call 911. Dr. Stukus also offers guidance for parents on how to increase communication about your child’s allergies, how to best prepare them for life in the real world, tips they can use when they go off to college and helps us debunk some common myths around the topic of allergies.

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THHP Episode 012: Geriatric Fall Prevention w/ Lauren Kakish RN-BSN

In Episode 012 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview fellow Nurse Practitioner student and Registered Nurse, Lauren Kakish. Geriatric falls have some very interesting/concerning statistics and is a topic that should be discussed carefully with any member of the household that falls within this population. In the interview we discuss, the importance of the aging adult keeping their autonomy, medications alone or when used together could increase the risk of falling, environmental hazards in the home, tips for preventing falls in the bathroom, sensory changes that occur as we age, strategies to ensure independence is a priority when having this discussion with a family member and much more!

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THHP Episode 011: Parents Guide To Social Media Safety w/ Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN

In Episode 011 of The Household Health Podcast, learn from the Award Winning Blogger, Author and Social Media Influencer, Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, about what parents need to know about how to keep their children safe in a technology filled world. Specifically we discuss the dangers of social media. Our discussion covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. What they are, what is their appeal and what dangers are associated with each of these social media outlets. Brittney also offers tips about general internet safe practices, the problems with being a social media “helicopter” parent, how to talk with your children about the responsibility of the internet and much more!

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THHP Episode 010: Pediatric Trauma Awareness & Prevention w/ Dr. Melissa Schneider MD, MPH, FAAP

In this episode of The Household Health Podcast, we have a conversation with our guest, Pediatric Emergency Room Fellow, Dr. Schneider about Pediatric Trauma. According to the CDC, unintentional injury, or Trauma, is the leading cause of death for the pediatric population. To help raise awareness about this topic we break down through age groups, where the child is at developmentally and how in that stage of development, they might be at an increased risk for a traumatic event to occur. Followed by, offering tips on how to then prevent the traumatic event from occurring once the risk has been identified. From birth to 18 years, and even some tips for parents who now have young adults. Accidents do happen, but through an increased awareness, prevention of preventable traumatic events can occur.

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THHP Episode 009: Medication Safety w/ Dr. Lisa Lorenzo, Pharm.D.

In this episode of The Household Health Podcast, learn from Dr. Lisa Lorenzo, Pharm.D., about ways to keep your infants, children and adolescents safe around prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications, the pitfalls of cold medication, strategies on safe medication administration practices for the home, safe places to store medications, the dangers of prescription medications at other family members homes, the importance of keeping an accurate and current medication, list and much more!

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THHP Episode 008: Primary Care & Prevention 101 w/ Dr. Popp, MD

In episode 008 of The Household Health Podcast, learn from dual board certified Internal Medicine Physician and Pediatrician, Dr. Popp, what exactly the role of a Primary Care provider is, how they can help you manage your health, what a vital resource they are to the overall health of you and your entire household and financial tips for managing the cost of healthcare. Also learn about preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension, tips for parents of newborns, safety tips for newborns and children, vaccine FACTS and safety information, along with much more!

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