THHP Episode 007: Ovarian Cancer Survivor Story w/ Kim Belhorn

In Episode 007 of The Household Health Podcast, My mother Kim Belhorn, opens up to raise awareness and to share her journey about overcoming Ovarian Cancer. In the interview we discuss, statistics, risk factors and signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, what signs and symptoms led her to seek medical attention, what she felt the moment she was diagnosed, the initial surgery, her recovery in and out of the hospital, her first chemotherapy treatment, beauty tips for feeling your best during treatment, tips on how to advocate for yourself as a patient, her experience with intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy, advice she would give to any women that was just diagnosed and much more!

To contact my mother directly to learn more about her story, ask for advice or seek guidance based on her personal experience with Ovarian Cancer, feel free to email her anytime at

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THHP Episode 006: I’m About To Have A Baby! w/ Labor & Delivery Nurse, Janelle Edwards RN-BSN

In Episode 006 of The Household Health Podcast, Janelle Edwards RN-BSN, who is a Labor & Delivery Nurse, walks us through common questions new parents, or soon to be parents, frequently have. Starting at the first moment you find out you are expecting, advice for choosing who will be delivering your child, are they able to deliver at the hospital of your choice, who can help you with this process, should the hospital you deliver at have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, what is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, when should you go to the hospital, what can you expect in the delivery room, what to bring and what not to bring to the hospital for mom, dad and baby, who should be in the delivery room, advice for new moms, advice for new dads and much more!

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THHP Episode 005: Heart Surgery w/ Stephanie Brodie ACNP-BC

In Episode 005 of The Household Health Podcast, I have a discussion with Stephanie Brodie, ACNP-BC, about what to expect if you or a member of your Household was to undergo heart surgery. We discuss how as a patient you can prepare your body before the surgery, how to prepare yourself for the day of surgery, tips for family members on what they can expect during surgery, what family members and patients can expect once the surgery is completed, a checklist of criteria a patient must meet before they can go home, restrictions patients have when they do go home, the importance of knowing all of your medications and why you are taking them and much, much more!

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THHP Episode 004: Bariatric Surgery Pros & Cons w/ Rita Gatia, FNP-BC

Are you or a member of your household considering getting Bariatric Surgery? In this episode of The Household Health Podcast, learn about who is able to qualify for bariatric surgery, the different types of bariatric surgery, what benefits patients gain from the procedure, the risks that are associated with the different types of procedures, what your diet will be like after the surgery, tips on what to ask your surgeon before the surgery, what your options are instead of surgery and much more!

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THHP Episode 003: HIV Education & Prevention w/ Dr. Wade, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC

In episode 003 of The Household Health Podcast, we have a discussion about HIV education and prevention. Dr. Wade walks us through some of the research she conducted regarding adolescents who are infected with HIV, what is the difference between HIV and AIDS, we cover myths about HIV, nutrition, exercise, the importance of support groups, questions patients frequently ask when they are first diagnosed and much more!

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THHP Episode 002: School Health w/ Dr. Mysen, DNP, FNP-BC

In episode 002 of The Household Health Podcast, Who takes care of your child when they are at school. Before Dr. Mysen because a Family Nurse Practitioner, she was a school nurse. Not all schools have this resource but, learn about how vital of a role the school nurse plays in the overall health of children, how as a parent you can advocate for your child, learn when you should keep your child home from school, when they can go back to school, learn about common illnesses you child might get at school, how to prevent them, ways to educate your child about the possiability of other studnets medical conditions, how serious allgeries are in children, we have a discussion about the importance of vaccines and much more!

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