THHP Episode 010: Pediatric Trauma Awareness & Prevention w/ Dr. Melissa Schneider MD, MPH, FAAP

In this episode of The Household Health Podcast, we have a conversation with our guest, Pediatric Emergency Room Fellow, Dr. Schneider about Pediatric Trauma. According to the CDC, unintentional injury, or Trauma, is the leading cause of death for the pediatric population. To help raise awareness about this topic we break down through age groups, where the child is at developmentally and how in that stage of development, they might be at an increased risk for a traumatic event to occur. Followed by, offering tips on how to then prevent the traumatic event from occurring once the risk has been identified. From birth to 18 years, and even some tips for parents who now have young adults. Accidents do happen, but through an increased awareness, prevention of preventable traumatic events can occur.

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