THHP Episode 013: Pediatric Allergies w/ Dr. David Stukus, MD

In Episode 013 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview Dr. David Stukus, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Section of Allergy and Immunology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio. We discuss what an allergy is, what the symptoms of allergies consist of, what the difference is between a mild and life threatening allergic reaction, the safety of the life saving medication called epinephrine, how to properly store an epinephrine auto injector, when it is appropriate to use epinephrine and when you could seek prompt medical attention or call 911. Dr. Stukus also offers guidance for parents on how to increase communication about your child’s allergies, how to best prepare them for life in the real world, tips they can use when they go off to college and helps us debunk some common myths around the topic of allergies.

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