THHP Episode 016: What Is A Nurse Practitioner? w/ Dr. Ann Sheehan, DNP, CPNP

In Episode 016 of The Household Health Podcast, I interview Nurse Practitioner and President of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Ann Sheehan, DNP, CPNP. Today, we discuss exactly, what is a Nurse Practitioner? What the Nurse Practitioner is trained to do, we dive into the specific degree requirements of the Nurse Practitioner and the clinical hours that are required for their education, differences between a Physician and a Nurse Practitioner, how Nurse Practitioners are able to provide safe and cost effective healthcare, common myths about Nurse Practitioners that Dr. Sheehan has encountered in her practice, the restrictions that are placed on Nurse Practitioners in the states of Michigan and how this is not the same for other states, in the United States and how as a listener, you can get involved politically to have an influence on how healthcare is delivered, along with much more!

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